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You have so much to do! Create your wedding seating chart in minutes, and move on to the rest of planning!

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    Save Time

    Complete your seating chart in minutes and move on to the rest of wedding planning.

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    Save Your Sanity

    Stop messing around with little bits of paper or complicated spreadsheets. Do it online, and never lose your wedding seating plan.

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    Share Instantly

    Wedding planning involves a lot of people. Sharing your seating chart is as simple as email.

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    Perfect for all events

    The perfect seating planner for weddings, corporate events, department dinners, non-profits, schools, etc.

Over 24,400 guests seated at 400 events!

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  • Fluidtables was great, saving us a lot of time and headache during the process. We had to reconfigure our seating arrangement several times, and the site gave us the flexibilty to do so easily. The customizable printouts were perfect for us and our vendors. Highly recommended!

    Jeff L, New York, NY

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